Martin Yan's Asian Favorites

Interview with “Martin Yan Asian Favorites” Host, Martin Yan

Whether you love to cook or just love food, the “Love To Cook” series presented by Panasonic Cooking and Asian Food Channel (AFC) will entertain and inspire you. We will be bringing you a new season of Martin Yan Asian Favorites starting in January 2018!
Martin Yan

A household name to many around the world, Martin Yan is a talented chef with more than 35 years of experience. His popular catchphrase “If Yan can cook, so can you” has inspired many to hit the kitchen and try their hand at cooking. We sat down with the man himself to get to know story behind his love for cooking better!

AFC: How did you start this cooking journey?
Martin Yan: Cooking has always been an integral part of me. I was raised in a family restaurant where my mother works in a tiny kitchen, and so, at a very young age, I was exposed to a variety of food and ingredients. Ever since then, I started learning to cook and have grown to love food.

AFC: Oh, so it began since childhood. What does cooking mean to you then?
Martin Yan: Cooking to me means survival and sustaining a healthy body. Also, as a chef, cooking is a creative outlet; allowing me to express who I am and who I want to be through the food I’ve created.

Martin Yan - What type of cuisine do you love to cook?

AFC: Nice. What type of cuisine do you love to cook?
Martin Yan: Being a culinarian and a teacher, I’ve been traveling around the world a lot and because of my curiosity and inquisitiveness, I enjoy any food and cuisine I’m exposed to. I love all types of food but when it comes to cooking, I guess being Chinese, I tend to cook mainly Chinese food at home.

AFC: What does it mean to you when you hear “Love To Cook”
Martin Yan: As I travel around the world tasting and working with home cooks and master chefs, it never stops to amaze my palate and curiosity. During my travels in and around Asia I found so many of my favorite dishes and recipes, and that is what I want to share with my audiences on my show “Martin Yan Asian Favorites”. I wish to bring all these different and unique cuisines and recipes to audiences around the world through the show so be sure to catch it when it premieres in January 2018.

AFC: That sounds really exciting! Tell us what’s one ingredient you love and will use in every dish, if possible?
Martin Yan: If I can choose one ingredient, it’ll definitely be ginger! It’s a great spice that I can use in almost every dish.

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