Martin Yan's Asian Favorites
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    In the all-new season of Martin Yan’s Asian Favorites, join renowned Celebrity Chef Martin Yan as he cooks up a wonderful feast of his Asian favorites for friends like Ili Sulaiman and Anis Nabilah, and other specially invited guests. Inspired by his travels, Chef Yan transforms everyday Asian ingredients into quick and easy recipes great for any home cooked meals and gatherings. In each episode, Chef Yan opens his kitchen doors to guest chefs like Marinka Susanto, Sarah Benjamin and Debbie Wong amongst others who add their own twist to each menu.

    Martin Yan

    Hosted By: Martin Yan

    Chef Martin Yan is not only one of AFC’s most popular celebrity chefs, he also stars in his own AFC Original Production True Passion - Martin Yan, which features him pairing his signature dishes with his favourite Jacob’s Creek wines!

    Chef Yan enjoys distinction as a certified Master Chef, highly respected food consultant, and a prolific author. His diverse talents have found expression in 30 cookbooks, including the award-winning “Martin Yan’s Feast”, “Martin Yan’s Asian Favorites”, “Chinese Cooking for Dummies”, and “Martin Yan’s Quick & Easy”. His latest cookbook, “Martin Yan’s China”, documents his travels and culinary discoveries throughout the far reaches of China.

    Born in Guangzhou, China, to a restaurateur father and a mother who operated a grocery store, Chef Yan possessed a passion for cooking from an early age. His formal induction into the culinary world began at age 13 with an apprenticeship at a popular Hong Kong restaurant. He refined his natural talent at the Overseas Institute of Cookery in Hong Kong, and then pursued a Masters of Science in Food Science at UC Davis in the United States.

    While attending university in the United States, he discovered a flair for teaching when he became an instructor in the university’s extension programme. In 1978, he pioneered a daily Chinese cooking show called Yan Can Cook, which is now considered a classic. Infusing lessons with his characteristic warmth, humour and vitality, Chef Yan quickly earned a devoted following. Later, he developed the show’s format into a culinary travelogue, featuring culinary hot spots throughout Asia. His latest show is a 26-part series titled Martin Yan’s China, showcasing a multi-faceted look at China today as well as its deeply rooted culinary traditions.

    A valued instructor at top culinary institutions, Chef Yan has taught at The Culinary Institute of America, Johnson & Wales University, The California Culinary Academy and The Chinese Cuisine Institute in Hong Kong. In 1985, he founded the Yan Can Cooking School in California and in 2007, founded The Martin Yan Culinary Arts Center, a unique international culinary academy for professional chefs in Shenzhen, China. Besides teaching the culinary arts, Chef Yan is also a restaurateur. His restaurants, Yan Can and SensAsian, offer inventive pan-Asian menus.

    The recipient of numerous awards and accolades, Chef Yan is recognised internationally as an accomplished chef among his peers. He has also captured the attention, admiration and hearts of millions of fans by spicing up his cooking repertoire and teaching with a personal ingredient – wit! Whether on television or in person, a session with Chef Yan proves to be both invigorating and educational. Dedicated to demystifying Asian cooking, Chef Yan furthers the understanding of these excellent cuisines and the cultures that created them with spirited lessons, fun and entertainment.