Beef Sukiyaki

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Nothing beats homemade pan-fried beef rice noodles, perfectly seasoned and tender to the bite!

Let's Start Cooking!

Stock poured into a metal pot

Step 1 - Make sukiyaki soup

  • In a pot on medium heat, combine dashi stock, cooking sake, mirin, light soy sauce and brown sugar until sugar dissolves. Bring to a boil and remove from heat. Set aside.
Beancurd and vegetables cut on chopping board

Step 2 - Prepare carrots

  • With the carrot, make 5 grooves on the side with a knife and slice to create a flower shape. Skip this step if you are short of time. Slice carrots and set aside.
hand cutting shiitake mushroom with knife

Step 3 - Prepare mushrooms and snow peas

  • With the fresh shiitake mushrooms, make 2 grooves on the mushroom cap to create an “X” pattern. Skip this step if you are short of time and set aside.

  • Remove fibrous parts at the sides of the snow peas. Set aside.

    Dip cooked vegetable or meat into beaten raw egg as a dipping sauce
    Beaten raw egg is a common dipping sauce paired with sukiyaki in Japan during hotpots

Plate and Serve!

Beef and vegetables in bowl with meat in egg

Before serving, blanch vegetables, mushrooms, udon and beef slices in boiling sukiyaki soup until desired doneness. Transfer to serving bowl and ladle over some soup. Serve hot with beaten raw egg on the side.

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