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A popular Southeast Asian dessert of sweetened shaved ice, jellies and coconut milk, it’s perfect for cooling down in hot tropical weather!

Let's start cooking!

Pandan juice mixed with coconut milk

Step 1 - Make pandan juice, flavor coconut milk

  • In a blender, blend 6 pandan leaves and 600 ml of water until fine, then strain and set aside pandan juice.
  • In a pot, boil coconut milk, 1 tsp salt and 2 knotted pandan leaves.
  • Once the liquid starts to boil, turn off the heat to let it cool.
  • Set aside flavored coconut milk.
Heat gula melaka, knotted pandan leaves, brown sugar and water in a pan

Step 2 - Cook gula melaka syrup

  • In a separate pot on medium heat, mix gula melaka, 1 tsp salt, 2 knotted pandan leaves, 1 cup water and 2 Tbsp brown sugar until gula melaka melts and slightly thickens to the consistency you like.
  • Once the consistency is reached, set aside gula melaka syrup for cooling.
Mix rice flour, tapioca flour, mung bean flour, pandan juice and pandan extract together

Step 3 - Prepare chendol jelly batter

  • In a pan, add rice flour, tapioca flour, mung bean flour, strained pandan juice and 2 tsp pandan extract.

  • Mix well, then transfer batter to a stove and use medium heat to cook the batter. Use a spoon and mix well.

    Use alkaline water in chendol batter for jelly with a bite.
  • Prepare a large bowl of cold water to cool down the batter.

Chendol jelly batter in a piping bag inserted into a bowl of water 

Step 4 - Form chendol jelly

  • Once the batter has turned into a thick paste, take it off the heat and place into a plastic piping bag with a very small tip (depending on preference of thickness for the chendol jellies).

    To make the chendol jellies, you can also use a squeeze bottle with a fine tip or a strainer
  • Pipe directly into cold water to create small chendol jellies.

  • Leave it in the cold water to firm up.

    Popular in Malaysia, especially the port cities Penang and Melaka, there have been many spin-offs, including chendol jagung (corn), chendol pulut (glutinous rice), chendol bandung (rose syrup), mango chendol and even durian chendol!

Assemble and Serve!

Chendol jelly and kidney beans on a bowl of shaved ice

Add some chendol jelly and kidney beans to a tall glass or small bowl and top with lots of shaved ice. Drizzle gula melaka syrup and coconut milk to finish. Chendol is best served cold, immediately after preparation.

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