Funtastyk Cheesy Tocino Sliders with Apple Slaw

An Exquisitely New Way To Serve Tocino

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Having a party over the weekend or simply craving for something new? Here’s an idea for your next family gathering or even ad mundane snack time. It’s so flavorful and unique, we were surprised about its key ingredient too! It’s none other than the Filipino favorite, tocino!


When we hear “tocino”, we usually associate it as a breakfast food. A viand, specifically, that goes well with rice. This recipe on the other hand gave us a pleasant surprise! A new take on tocino as a sweet and savory finger food that would surprise and delight your friends and family.


The Funtastyk Cheesy Tocino Sliders is an unlikely recipe that makes use of tocino in a different way. It’s not your typical tinapay and palaman as the ingredient is used for a more exquisite taste paired with Apple Slaw and a mix of ketchup, soy sauce, and honey for that extra burst of flavors.


Okay, at this point it may sound a little odd but allow us to take you on a sensory journey.


Imagine taking a piece of the final product and seeing the gooey, cheesy goodness stretching as you pull the bread. You take a bite, the flavors instantly exploding in your mouth as you do so. Initially, the dominant taste would be a little salty as the butter and cheese tickles your taste buds. Soon right after, the sweetness of the apple slaw and honey kicks in while the tenderness of CDO Funtastyk Young Pork Tocino makes itself known as you chew a little bit more of the sumptuous treat.


One bite is not enough and quite frankly, one piece may still not be enough. You start to wonder if you made just the right amount of cheesy tocino sliders but there’s no need to worry because CDO Funtastyk Young Pork Tocino is made from 100% young pork. It’s easy to prepare because theres no need to boil. Just fry the tocino pieces until they’re cooked and caramelized. This only takes about 10 minutes or less. The rest of the sliders’ ingredients are so easy to prepare too, you can do it while waiting for the tocino bits to cook. Not bad for second servings! Or third, and fourth… or maybe even tenth



1. Fry the CDO Funtastyk Tocino. No need to boil.

2. In a bowl, combine ketchup, soy sauce and honey and set aside

3. Slice dinner roll in half and baste with butter and ketchup mixture

4. Combine the julienned apple, calamansi and mayo to make your slaw

5. Assemble the tocino, cheese and apple slaw onto the bread

6. Baste the top of the bun with more butter

7. Bake in the oven or toaster for 10mins.

8. Serve

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