Hoi An Treasure Bags

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These crispy, golden-brown pouches filled with fish, glass noodles and mushrooms look just like tasty little moneybags.

Let's start cooking!

Flake meat from steamed fish

Step 1 - Steamed and flake fish

  • Steamed the fish for 6-7 minutes, then flake the meat from the bones and put into a bowl and set aside.
You may substitute red snapper with garoupa or sea bass.
Filling for Hoi An treasure bags

Step 2 - Cook filling

  • In a wok on medium heat, heat 4 Tbsp oil in a wok. Add shallots and spring onions, then add in 2 Tbsp fish sauce, flaked fish and 3 tsp black pepper. Mix well.
  • Add straw mushrooms and black fungus, 1 Tbsp sugar and glass noodles.
  • Toss all the ingredients together over high heat for about 4 minutes then remove from heat.
Tied Hoi An treasure bags with spring onion

Step 3 - Make treasure bags

  • To make the treasure bags, dip 2 pieces of rice paper in water, then lay on top of one another on a flat surface.
  • Scoop a heaping tablespoon of the filling in the middle then proceed to fold.
  • Take the end closest to you and fold it in half, then gather the left and right ends and bundle it at the top, so it looks like a little bag.
  • Take 1 piece of blanched spring onion and use it to tie the top securely.
    Blanching the spring onions soften them, allowing them to be used as a tie. Raw spring onions would snap. You can also use chives for additional flavor.
Deep-fried Hoi An treasure bags

Step 4 - Deep-fry treasure bags

  • In a pot, add 4 cups of vegetable oil and heat to about 140°C.
  • Using a metal sieve, slowly lower 1 treasure bag at a time into the oil.
  • Fry for 2-3 minutes, then set aside on a plate lined with paper towel to drain the oil.
Thai chili with garlic, vinegar and mint dipping sauce

Step 5 - Make the dipping sauce

  • In a bowl, combine sweet Thai chili, minced garlic,white vinegar and chopped mint leaves. Set aside

Garnish and serve!

Hoi An treasure bags on a plate with dipping sauce

Serve warm alongside dipping sauce.

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