Fish Ball Noodle Soup

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Fishball noodles are a much-loved dish that's enjoyed any time of the day. Here’s how to make your own bowl with springy fish balls!

Let's start cooking!

Ginger soaked in water

Step 1 - Soak crushed ginger in water

  • In a small bowl, soak crushed ginger in 60 ml water.

  • Set aside.

Scraped fish flesh

Step 2 - Scrape fish flesh from skin

  • Using a spoon, scrape the flesh from the fish and place into a large bowl.
Kneaded fish paste

Step 3 - Make fish paste

  • To the large bowl, add 2 tsp salt, ½ tsp sugar, ½ tsp white pepper powder and water from soaking the ginger.

  • Knead the flesh for about 10 minutes until it forms a paste.

  • Throw the paste vigorously into the bowl several times.

Egg and cornstarch in a bowl with fish paste

Step 4 - Add egg and cornstarch to fish paste

  • Add egg and cornstarch and mix until well combined. Throw again a few more times.
Throwing fish paste intothe bowl removes air bubbles and gives the paste a springy texture.
Shape of fish ball formed

Step 5 - Form fish ball shape

  • In a pot on high heat, heat up enough oil for deep-frying.

  • Grab a palm sized amount of the paste each time on your palm.

  • Gently squeeze out the paste through the thumb and index finger to form a ball and scoop with a metal spoon.

Deep fried fish ball

Step 6 - Deep-fry fish balls

  • Deep-fry for 3 to 5 minutes, until it’s golden brown.
Carrots, celery and onion added to pot with water

Step 7 - Make stock

  • In a large pot, add 4 L water, yellow onion, celery, carrot, coriander root and the fish bone.

  • Let it boil for at least 90 minutes.

If you do not have time to boil stock, you can replace yellow onion, celery, carrot, coriander root and fish bones with 400 g ikan bilis. Place ikan bilis in soup bag. Let it simmer in 4 L water on medium heat, for 10 to 15 minutes.
Glass noodles cooked in separate pot

Step 8 - Make noodles soup

  • In a separate small pot, add 3 ladles of stock and preserved cabbage.

  • In the pot, add in glass noodles, bean sprouts and baby spinach for 2 minutes.

Plate and serve!

Fishball noodle soup in a bowl

Transfer noodles soup into serving bowl and add in desired amount of fish balls into the bowl. Serve hot.

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