Johor Laksa

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A unique fusion of east and west, this rendition of a traditional Malaysian curry noodle features spaghetti noodles and coconut milk, which gives a creamier texture.

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Fried laksa paste in pan

Step 1 - Fry laksa paste with meat powder

  • In a deep large pan on medium-high heat, heat 125 ml vegetable oil and fry paste until fragrant.

  • Add in meat curry powder and fry until fragrant and oil begins to appear on the surface.

Some people believed that a Sultan visited Italy and fell in love with pasta. When he returned back to Johor, he ordered the royal chefs to make a local dish with pasta. This is how Johor Laksa was born
Fish flakes and fish stock in mixture

Step 2 - Cook the seafood

  • Add in all flaked fish, dried fish, prawns, coconut milk, seafood stock, laksa leaves, 5 mint leaves, tamarind juice and desiccated coconut. Season to taste with salt and pepper.
Johor laksa is traditionally made with the whole family helping out but the most skilled cook is always in charge of the broth
Laksa gravy added into pot

Step 3 - Simmer gravy

  • Simmer over low heat for 20 minutes until gravy thickens

Assemble and serve

Johor Laksa served with prawns, cucumber, beansprouts and lime

Serve hot laksa gravy over cooked spaghetti, cucumber strips, bean sprouts, sliced long beans, finely chopped basil leaves and calamansi lime halves.

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