Nasi Ulam

Local Herb Rice Salad

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This unique rice salad features Southeast Asian herbs, fish and prawns and is a great option for a quick, healthy and delicious lunch!

Let's start cooking!

Chopped prawns and flaked fish on a chopping board

Step 1 - Prepare seafood

  • Steam prawns and mackerel fillet for 12 to 15 minutes until cooked throughly.
  • When cooked, flake fish and peel prawns.
  • Roughly chop prawns and set aside.
Kaffir lime leaves, tumeric leaves and thai basil leaves in a glass container

Step 2 - Blend the herb paste

  • In a blender, blend 20 kaffir lime leaves, turmeric leaves, Thai basil leaves, belacan and 4 Tbsp coconut oil until smooth. Set aside.
Cut garlic on a chopping board with chopped long beans and cucumber

Step 3 - Cut the vegetables

  • Core cucumber and dice.
  • Dice long beans and set aside.
Fish and prawns mixed with rice and herb paste in a mixing bowl

Step 4 - Mix the salad

  • In a big bowl, add in rice, flaked mackerel, chopped prawns, diced cucumbers, long beans, ginger flower, laksa leaves and herb paste and toss well.
    Rice should be cooled or room temperature when making this dish as hot or warm rice will cook the herbs, resulting in a bitter taste. Depending on the texture you would like to achieve, you can use either jasmine or basmati rice, but brown rice can be used to create a healthier version of the dish.
Grated coconut and dried shrimp in a pan

Step 5 - Toast coconut, dried shrimp and kaffir lime

  • In a dry pan, toast grated coconut and dried shrimp until slightly brown.

Garnish and Serve!

Nasi ulam in a wodden bowl

Plate up rice onto a platter and garnish with toasted coconut, dried shrimp, 2 kaffir lime leaves and red chilies. Serve room temperature.

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