Boston Lobster with Curry Scented Crab Sauce
Boston Lobster with Curry Scented Crab Sauce
Get this quick and easy seafood recipe by Malcolm Goh from Back to the Streets.
  • Difficulty Level Easy
  • Preparation Time 10 minutes
  • Yield 2 servings
  • 2 boston Lobster
  • 4 Lemon (halved)
  • 3 Onions (roughly diced)
  • 3 Celery ribs (roughly diced)
  • 3 stalks Leeks (roughly sliced)
  • 1 Carrot (roughly sliced)
  • 500 millilitres White wine
  • 2 litres Water
  • 200 grams fresh Crab meat
  • 3 sprigs Curry leaves
  • 1 tablespoon Dried shrimp (soaked in water)
  • 4 Garlic cloves (chopped)
  • 3 Shallots (diced)
  • 1 Red Chilli (sliced)
  • 2 Lime
  • 200 millilitres Coconut milk
  1. Combine all the ingredients into a stock pot and bring to a simmer
  2. Place the lobsters into the flavoured water and poach for 15-20 minutes
  3. Refresh the lobsters in ice water for 3 minutes. Remove the meat from the shells
  4. Saute the dried shrimp in some oil until brown. Add in the curry leaves and fry until aromatic
  5. Add in the Chilli, garlic and shallots and continue until all ingredients are evenly browned. Add in some water and simmer for 5 minutes
  6. Add in the coconut milk and season to taste. Fold in the crab meat and a table spoon of butter
  7. Finish off with the juice of 2 limes

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