Coconut Macaroons
Coconut Macaroons
Get this quick and easy dessert recipe by Siba Mtongana from Siba's Table.
  • Difficulty Level Moderate
  • Technique Baking
  • Preparation Time 15 minutes
  • Cooking Time 15 minutes
  • Yield 12 servings
  • 2 large free-range Egg whites
  • Pinch cream of Tartar
  • Pinch of salt
  • 4 tablespoons / ¼ cup caster sugar
  • 1 cup desiccated Coconut
  • 80 millilitres / ⅓ cup ground Almonds
  • Store bought - Ready made Guava preserve
  • Icing sugar to dust
  1. Preheat the oven to 180°C.
  2. Whisk the egg whites in a mixer using the whisk attachment until frothy,
  3. Then add the cream of tartar and salt. Continue whisking until soft peaks form, then add the sugar, 1 T at a time, until thick and glossy
  4. Fold in the coconut and ground almonds. Scoop a heaped spoonful and gently shape in your hands into balls (being careful not to squeeze out the air that was incorporated by whisking) then make a small indent in the centre with your forefinger
  5. Place on a baking tray and bake for 8-10 minutes until puffed and golden. Remove from the oven, cool slightly and place on a wire wrack
  6. If some macaroons are cracked after baking, just push the sides up while still warm to create a more pronounced indentation and shape
  7. Spoon the preserve filling into the macaroons and lightly dust with icing sugar just before serving

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