Prawn and Pineapple Noodle Soup
Prawn and Pineapple Noodle Soup
Get this quick and easy noodle soup recipe by Malcolm Goh from Back to the Streets.
  • Difficulty Level Moderate
  • Technique Simmer
  • Preparation Time 10 minutes
  • Cooking Time 35 minutes
  • Yield 2 servings
  • 150 grams Pineapple (cut into medium size cubes)
  • 12 Tiger prawns (deveined and shelled)
  • 5 grams dried Shrimp (soaked)
  • 5 cloves Garlic (sliced)
  • 5 medium sized Shallots (sliced)
  • 1 knob Ginger (sliced)
  • 50 grams Romaine lettuce
  • 100 grams Oyster mushrooms (sliced)
  • 2 fresh Red chilli (sliced)
  • 800 millilitres Prawn stock
  • 3 large Limes
  • 200 grams Rice noodles (soaked in hot water)
  1. Sauté the dried shrimp, shallots and garlic in a pot until aromatic
  2. Add in the pineapple and cook until lightly caramelised
  3. Add in the prawn stock and ginger. Simmer for 10 minutes
  4. Add in the mushrooms, Chilli, romaine lettuce, and prawns into the broth and simmer for 5 minutes
  5. Adjust seasoning and add in lime juice. Place in rice noodles into the broth

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