Sate Lilit with Fish Meatball Soup
Sate Lilit with Fish Meatball Soup
Get this quick and easy Balinese satay and fish meatball soup recipe by Will Meyrick from Back to the Streets: Jakarta.
  • Difficulty Level Moderate
  • Technique Boiling
  • Preparation Time 45 minutes
  • Cooking Time 45 minutes
  • Yield 2 servings
  • Bumbu Gede [Indonesian seasoning paste]
  • 100 grams Galangal, peeled
  • 25 grams Turmeric, peeled
  • 17 grams White turmeric, peeled
  • 30 grams Ginger, peeled
  • 75 grams Garlic
  • 100 grams Shallot
  • 65 grams Lemongrass
  • 30 grams Red chilli
  • 15 grams Candlenut
  • 5 grams Coriander seeds
  • 5 grams Black pepper
  • 5 grams Long pepper
  • 5 grams Cloves
  • 5 grams dried Shrimp paste
  • 10 grams Wewangen [Balinese aromatic spices]
  • 2 grams Salam leaves [Bay Leaves]
  • Soup
  • 50 grams Bumbu gede [Indonesian spice paste]
  • 2 pieces Salam leaves [Bay Leaves]
  • 2 pieces Lime leaves
  • 2 pieces Lemongrass, bruised
  • Salt to taste
  • 2 tablespoons Tamarind juice
  • 10 grams / 1 Tomato, sliced
  • 350 millilitres Fish stock
  • Fish Meatball
  • 500 grams White fish fillet, minced
  • 50 grams Tapioca flour
  • 12 grams Salt
  • 12 grams Garlic, finely blended
  • 2 grams White pepper
  • 75 grams Ice
  • 5 grams Sugar
  • 1 Egg white
  • 1 Leek, finely chopped
  • Sate Lilit
  • 350 grams Snapper fillet
  • 60 grams grated raw Coconut
  • 30 millilitres Coconut milk
  • 150 grams Bumbu gede
  • 40 grams Palm sugar
  • Salt to taste
  • Flat bamboo skewer
  1. Bumbu Gede
  2. Chop all ingredients finely
  1. Fish Meatball
  2. Combine minced fish with other ingredients in a bowl then mix well
  3. Add in tapioca flour step by step, keep stirring while adding some ice until the dough is formed
  4. Add in white egg into the dough, keep stirring until the dough is smooth
  5. Form the dough into a ball shapes. In the pan, bring the water to a boil, then boil the fish meat ball in the boiling water, cook with medium heat until the meat ball is cooked and floating
  6. Lift and drain, cool it down
  1. Fish Meatball Soup
  2. Boil the fish stock along with bumbu gede, salam leaves, lime leaves, bruised lemongrass, sliced tomato, salt and tamarind juice
  3. Add in fish meatball and continue to boil until cooked for about 10 minutes
  1. Sate Lilit
  2. Finely chop the fish with your knife, then add in the bumbu gede and continue chopping
  3. Add in the grated coconut and continue chopping. Grate the palm sugar, and mix in the coconut milk and salt, continue mixing all the ingredients together
  4. Place the mix to one side and prepare your satay skewers. Take small amount of oil in a bowl, as this is make you easier to mould the mixture on the skewer
  5. Take a kitchen spoon of the mix and start to roll it in one of the bamboo skewer tip until solid Repeat the process until all mixture finish
  6. Get your barbeque / charcoal grill hot, then place the skewers neatly on top of the hot embers, turn it frequently until the satay is golden and take off the heat
  7. Serve with sambal matah

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