Sriracha Chicken Wrap

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Great for leftovers, this chicken wrap with Thai chili brings some heat into the kitchen

Let's start cooking!

Marinated shredded chicken with sriracha in a metal bowl

Step 1 - Shred and marinate chicken

  • Using a fork or your hands, shred the chicken breast. Once shredded, marinate with sriracha and set aside for 20 minutes.
Cutting tomatoes with a knife on a wooden chopping board

Step 2 - Cut lettuce and tomatoes

  • While chicken is marinating, chop lettuce and slice tomatoes. Set aside.
Assemble tortilla with lettuce srircha shredded chicken tomatoes pickles on a wooden chopping board

Step 3 - Assemble tortilla

  • On a flat surface, lay out a tortilla wrap. Spread 1 Tbsp mayonnaise on the tortilla, then layer half the lettuce, 3 slices tomato, half the chicken, 1/2 Tbsp chili and 1/2 Tbsp pickles.
  • Fold the bottom onto the top of the meat, then fold in the side and roll to seal the tortilla, keeping it tight.
  • Wrap tortilla in aluminum foil and place in microwave/oven/toaster oven for 2 minutes to warm it up. To make more wraps, repeat the steps with the remaining ingredients.
    Sriracha is a hot sauce named after the coastal city of Si Racha in eastern Thailand, made for accompanying seafood.

Plate and serve!

Sriracha chicken wrap with lettuce tomatoes and pickled chili served on a wooden board

Serve warm, with extra sriracha if desired.

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