Wonton Soup

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Warm your mind, body and soul with this hearty wonton soup!

Let's start cooking!

Minced meat and sping onion in a mixing bowl

Step 1 - Make wonton filling

  • In a mixing bowl, add in chopped prawns, minced chicken, 2 chopped spring onion, 1pcs 1-cm grated ginger, 1 clove chopped garlic, 1 Tsp white pepper, 4 Tbsp light soy sauce, 1 Tbsp sesame oil, 1 Tbsp cornstarch, ½ Tsp salt and ½ Tbsp sugar. Mix until well combined.
Steps to fold wonton

Step 2 - Fold wonton

  • Take a wonton sheet and place 1 tsp filling in the middle.
  • In a small bowl of water, dip your finger and wet the perimeter of the wonton sheet.
  • Start by folding the corner nearest to you over to the opposite corner to make a triangle. Next, take the other 2 corners and overlap it. Gently press on the overlapped corners to seal the dumpling.
There are many ways to fold wontons, you can also leave it as a triangle wonton for a simpler style
  • Place each dumpling on atray or plate with parchment paper. Set aside until ready to cook.
Ensure that there are no air pockets in the dumpling to prevent wontons from unraveling when cooking
Chicken stock in a pot

Step 3 - Make wonton soup

  • In a pot, add 1 L chicken stock, the remainder of ginger, ikan bilis and 2 smashed garlic cloves and bring to a boil.
  • Once soup has been boiling for 10 minutes, remove ikan bilis, garlic and ginger. Season to taste with salt.
Cooked wonton scooped out of pot with water

Step 4 - Cook dumplings

  • In a separate pot, boil enough water for cooking wontons. Once boiling, slowly add in wontons and stir it occasionally.
Stirring the wontons in water will prevent it from sticking to each other
  • Let it cook for 2 to 3 minutes, until wonton skins are slightly translucent.
Dip cooked wonton in with chili padi and soy sauce for a spicy kick

Garnish and serve!

Wontons in soup in a bowl

When dumplings are cooked, remove wontons and place them into serving bowls. Ladle wonton soup over wontons and sprinkle with 1 chopped spring onion. Drizzle with sesame oil and serve hot.

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