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Late Night Guide: Phuket

New York isn’t the only city that never sleeps. Phuket has lots of great eats and fun activities for an amazing night out!

The Pearl of the Andaman Sea, otherwise popularly known as Phuket is a destination that’s well known for the sun, sand and sea. It is also Thailand’s largest island which has amazingly breathtaking winding coastal roads and beautiful stretches of sandy beaches. Apart from basking in the sun and sea during the day, the city is also popular for its bustling nightlife.

Here’s a Late Night Guide to some of the MUST-DOs when you’re in Phuket once the sun sets!


Piset Restaurant
231/3 Yaowaraj Road, North Market, 83000 Amphoe Muang Phuket, Phuket
Operating hours: 11am - 9pm daily

Piset Restaurant

Piset has been gaining popularity on social media for its delicious and Instagram-worthy food & drinks, perfect for dinner with a group of friends or family. Piset means Special in Thai and the restaurant definitely lives up to its name with its special twists to some of its signature dishes! Some of its MUST-TRY dishes, according to many tourists and local youngers who visited the restaurant, are the Mama Seafood Tom Yum Noodle with Cheese, Korean Bingsu in interesting flavors like Milo or Watermelon as well as the Super Giant Thai Iced Milk Tea. And if even the Governor of Phuket and his wife have tried its Giant Thai Iced Milk Tea, we definitely gotta say it’s legit!

Go Benz
At the intersection of Phatiphat Road and Ranong Road, opposite Jo Ong Shrine
Operating hours: 7pm to 3.30am daily except Buddhist Days

Go Benz

Considered as one of the best-known eatery among the locals in Phuket, Go Benz has been serving locals for close to 20 years! The eatery opens at 7pm and there’s already a long queue of hungry customers. However, they will only take orders at 7pm when they’re officially opened. With a menu of only 6 - 7 dishes, Go Benz is a specialty store known for their pork dishes.

Kao Lao Lued Moo

A few popular dishes being the Kao Lao Lued Moo (Pig’s Blood and Intestines Soup), and Khao Tom Haeng (Dry Rice Porridge) in an incredibly flavorful pork broth. With a variety of Thai condiments like chili vinegar, sugar and dry roasted chili on the table, you’ll be able to mix and match to create your little bowl of heavenly goodness!

Pa Mai Kanom Jeen Restaurant
Satun road in Phuket Town
Operating hours: 5.30am to 11am daily

Pa Mai Kanom Jeen Restaurant

After all that partying, a perfect Thai breakfast in Phuket to indulge in will be Kanom Jeen, cold rice noodles with a sauce of your choice. Typically, the sauce is curry based. Many locals drop by a Kanom Jeen restaurant before work to have a quick breakfast. At Pa Mai, it’s pretty much self-serve, you pick up a plate of noodles at the counter and help yourself to the extensive selection of sauces (Beef Curry, Fish Curry, Chicken Curry, Crab Curry, Prawn Curry, Green Curry, Fish Entrails Curry, etc.). You can either choose one or mix a few together, it’s all about satisfying your taste buds! You can also grab a couple of the side dishes on display such as fishcakes, fried fish and chicken. Enjoy your dish with a platter of local greens and herbs, pickles, eggs and condiments served on your table.


Phuket Weekend Night Market
Located along Chao Fa West Road just outside Phuket Town, close to Central Festival Shopping Mall
Operating hours: 4pm to 10pm Weekends (Saturday and Sunday)

Phuket Weekend Night Market

The largest market in Phuket is only open during the weekends, similar to the famous Chatuchak market in Bangkok which is definitely worth a visit. The market is divided into 2 sections, the first section comprises of hundreds of stalls selling various wares, ranging from clothing to shoes to handcrafted souvenirs and the other section selling food.

Phuket Weekend Night Market

Most of the food that are sold are mostly Thai street food like corn on the cob, spicy sausages, grilled chicken, deep-fried fishcakes, tropical fruits and even (gasp) deep-fried insects! Stay cool with an ice-cold beer or a fresh coconut which can be easily found in the market. Expect good vibes with live music and a good mix of locals and tourists! A handy advice if you’re planning to visit the market, bargaining and haggling with vendors are perfectly acceptable to save yourself some cash!

Phuket Weekend Night Market

Bangla Game Space
29/1 Bangla, Patong, 83150 Kathu, Phuket
Operating hours: 2pm - 4am daily

The biggest entertainment zone in Patong, Game Space has an extensive range of activities from arcade machines to sports games to laser tag and virtual reality games! This place is the perfect entertainment spot for family and friends since the activities cater to all ages. You might also want to know that the laser tag arena is the biggest in Thailand! With over 100 battlesuits, every match will be an intense and challenging one out there in a battlefield of narrow and dimly lit passageways!

With tons of good food and activities to keep you going throughout the night till the next morning, you can then head back to your hotel/resort, take a nap or relax and laze around the pool/beach for a couple hours as more adventure awaits you in Phuket, a city that never sleeps!

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