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Cruisin’ with Royal Caribbean: Sun, Sand, Sea, Steak

Take in the sights, the shows and even learn a trick or two on a Royal Caribbean cruise.

Cruising with Royal Caribbean means you get to experience a bunch of things, from strolling on the beach in Phuket, to dancing the night away, to stuffing your face with amazing steak. And we did them all!

Hitting the Town in Phuket
Hitting the Town in Phuket

We were so excited when we found out that in just four nights, you can visit both Penang and Phuket. The ship docks right at the port in Penang, dropping you off right in the thick of the action. To get to Phuket, we had to take a short boat ride from the ship to the shore, but it was lovely, with the sun shining down and the waves breaking on both sides. The best part was that we could disembark straight onto the beach, so there was no additional traveling time before feeling the sand in between our toes.

The fine sand and gentle sea make for a perfect place to splash around in, but don’t miss the street stalls that line the edge of the beach. We had the sweetest, freshest coconut before the amazing smell of grilled meat caught our attention. Following our noses, we found a street stall selling a selection of meats, all grilled over charcoal. Our chicken wing skewer had the perfect balance of smokiness and sweetness, and it whetted our appetites so well that we had to go find more food!

Kantok restaurant

Just meters away from the beach, we stumbled upon Kantok restaurant, where we indulged in classic Thai dishes like Khao Soi (curried noodles) and Thod Mun Pla (Thai fishcakes). Khao Soi is a dish more commonly found in the North of Thailand, but this version was more than satisfying, with its creamy, punchy broth and chewy noodles.

Dancing the Night Away

Back on the ship, we decided to hit up the Jive Dancing class. Getting on the dance floor was a little intimidating at first, but thanks to the great instructors and our fellow dance students, it only took us a while to warm up. Soon, we found ourselves laughing, twirling and having an amazing time!

Jive dancing is just one of the many classes available on the ship, and as long as you come with a can-do attitude, the awesome cruise instructors will take care of the rest. Many of the instructors are also performers on the ship, so you know you’re getting to learn from the best of the best!

Meaty Indulgence
Chops Grille

After working up an appetite, we found ourselves hankering for a really beautiful, meaty steak. Lucky for us, Chops Grille is the place to go for a proper steakhouse meal. This restaurant isn’t included in the cruise price, but the additional cost is so worth it, especially since you can order as much as you want for just one price. We came armed with an appetite, so we decided to go all out and indulge in a 16 oz. Prime Bone-in Ribeye, which was cooked to a perfect tender medium rare.

Steakhouse meal

A steakhouse meal isn’t complete without a variety of sides, so we got the Gruyere Cheese Tater Tots, Creamed Spinach, Grilled Jumbo Asparagus AND Mac & Cheese. Each and every one was so delicious, and even though we were stuffed, we just couldn’t stop ourselves taking another bite. Everything was washed down with wine from Chops Grille’s excellent wine list, rounding off a wonderful meal.

Singing in the Savoy
The Savoy Theatre

The Savoy Theatre on the ship holds shows twice a night, with original productions featuring talented performers. When we visited, we enjoyed a spectacular showcase of singing and dancing, with themes and sets inspired from around the world. We were so impressed with the high production value and the level of skill on show! We could feel goosebumps on our arms with every high note.

There are other entertaining shows on board, and every one of them is filled with fantastic numbers. With classes and activities in the day, and performances to watch at night, we never found ourselves short of something to do.

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From casual dining to classy events, you’re never short of fun on this ship.
From eating to partying with your favorite movie characters, there are so many ways to enjoy a Royal Caribbean cruise!
You’re never short of something to do (and eat!) on board a Royal Caribbean cruise