A Party Affair
A Party Affair
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    Chef Willin Low whips up fuss-free and tasty party food. Blending Asian flavors with Western sensibility, Chef Willin creates dishes that are not only visually pleasing, but also delicious and easy to make! Get inspired by Chef Willin’s globally influenced palate, and you’ll be raring to throw your own stylish party in no time!

    Willin Low

    Hosted By: Willin Low

    Watch one of Singapore’s top chefs, Willin Low, in the latest AFC Original Production, A Party Affair, as he shows you how to whip up globally influenced and fuss-free party food!

    After practicing law for eight years and achieving much success in the legal profession, Chef Willin’s culinary passion led him to trade in his corporate suit for a chef jacket. Chef Willin started his culinary career in the pastry department of Ricciotti Italian Bistro and was promoted to Chef de Partie in December 2004. He then moved to Garibaldi Italian Fine Dining, working alongside Chef Roberto Galetti.

    After six valuable months, Chef Willin began working on plans to set up his dream restaurant. In 2005, he opened Wild Rocket at Mount Emily, a full-service restaurant set in the tranquility of a private garden. Describing his dishes as “Mod Sin” (modern Singaporean), the self-taught chef melds Singaporean flavors with European techniques in his cooking. Case in point is the Laksa Pesto Linguine, which is one of the most popular dishes in the restaurant.

    In February 2007, Chef Willin opened a casual chill-out bar Wild Oats. Five months later, he opened Relish, a concept restaurant specializing in good quality burgers paired with gourmet beers from around the world. He went on to open Burger Bench & Bar in 2009, a self-service, express version of Relish in an attempt to demonstrate that fast food, if done with the proper ingredients, can be quality food. While Burger Bench & Bar had ceased operation, plans of expansion remain in the works for the Wild Rocket Group.

    In September 2009, The New York Times featured Chef Willin as one of three chefs in Singapore who were "reinventing the city’s traditional food culture". He was also featured in the 2009 internationally acclaimed gastronomy book, “Coco: 10 World-Leading Masters Choose 100 Contemporary Chefs”. To Chef Willin, being nominated as the only Singaporean chef based in Singapore made this recognition even sweeter. He has also had guest appearances on Top Chef and The Martha Stewart Show.

    According to Chef Willin’s cooking philosophy, cooking is about providing happiness. “Providing good food and service is the most basic need anyone requires. I think that is why I love cooking and eating so much,” he says.

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