At Home With Marinka
At Home With Marinka
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    Marinka  shares  secrets  from  her  culinary  experience  and  puts  a  modern  and internationaltwist on Indonesian favorites by combining the flavors of East and West together. Viewers will  find  inspiration  in  transforming  familiar  dishes  into  works  of art. These recipesdon’t just taste good, they are simple to cook and plated in style.

    Chef Marinka

    Hosted By: Chef Marinka

    Chef Marinka is a TV host, chef and restaurateur who is passionate about sharing Indonesian food, culture and art with the rest of the world. Chef Marinka was originally studying for a degree in visual communication, but upon realizing when her passion truly laid, she decided to put her education on hold and moved to Sydney, where she enrolled herself into the renowned Le Cordon Bleu to learn French cuisine and pastries in depth. After graduation, she returned to Indonesia, where she worked freelance as a cooking instructor. She was also invited to make special appearances in numerous commercials and cooking shows on local channels.

    Chef Marinka enjoys exploring new and innovative ways to bring East and West flavors together. In 2011, she released her first cookbook, Fantastic Cooking, where she featured 30 recipes inspired by international and Indonesian culinary influences.

    In her spare time, Chef Marinka enjoys travelling, doing extreme sports and boxing. She currently resides in Jakarta, Indonesia.

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