Cook Eat and Party
Cook Eat and Party
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    Join Chef Vicky Ratnani as he shows viewers how to host the perfect party. He plans impeccable easy-to-do menus for your social dos. From a sunny Sunday brunch, to a movie night at home, Vicky always has the perfect concoctions up his sleeve. With Chef Vicky, there is zero fuss, tasty food and easy recipes!

    Vicky Ratnani

    Hosted By: Vicky Ratnani

    Chef Vicky Ratnani has always been an explorer and a lover of flavor and taste. Having been a chef at the most prestigious ocean liner company Cunard, and helming the largest kitchen at sea, Ratnani has made a successful career out of his long-life passion.

    He has traveled to some of the most exotic locations on earth, and has cooked for Queen Elizabeth, Nelson Mandela, and Rod Stewart – constantly pushing his culinary boundaries.

    Ratnani’s cooking style involves combining global influences, ingredients and flavors and producing dishes with modern techniques.

    Currently, Ratnani is the Culinary Director of Everstone Capital and manages Harry’s Bar all over India, which serves tasty comfort food with great cocktails. His newest venture, The Disguntled Chef, which opened in Mumbai, serves delicious tapas with hearty main meals to share.

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