Fast Indian Cooking With Sapna
Fast Indian Cooking With Sapna
  • Synopsis

    In the kitchen, Sapna dismisses the age-old concept that Indian dishes are always heavy and difficult to cook. Instead Sapna makes it simple yet appealing to all modern food lovers. With Sapna’s innovative Indian dishes,it takes hardly any time at all for you to enjoythat soul food you’re craving for or cook up a dish to impress your guests.

    Sapna Anand

    Hosted By: Sapna Anand

    Born in Goa but lived around the world, Chef Sapna Anand has a diverse culinary repertoire. Although proud of the food heritage of her ancestors, Sapna worldly experiences and influences has left her unafraid to experiment and recreate well-known and traditional Indian dishes to suit a more contemporary palette.

    In a fast paced world, Sapna also understands that the biggest challenge in making scrumptious and indulgent food is, time. In Fast Cooking with Sapna, she is determined to revolutionize Indian cooking by providing simple and fuss free methods of accomplishing any flavorful dish.

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