Food Source
Food Source
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    Pornsak is determined to get to the very source of ingredients that make some of Asia’s finest cuisines! Follow him as he visits Kagoshima in Japan, famous for their black pig and sweet potatoes, Korea for their Kimchi, and Thailand for their fragrant rice and spices, and find out how to make the most out of ingredients that live in your kitchen. Food Source brings meals from farm to table, where Pornsak will literally cultivate, dig and rear his way to plate perfection!


    Hosted By: Pornsak

    Commonly known as Pornsak among Singaporean households, Pornsak Prajakwit is best known for his cheerful personality and infectious smile.

    Born and raised in Bangkok, Thailand, Pornsak moved to Singapore with his dad when he was just 5-years-old.

    Pornsak then enrolled into a Business course in Singapore Management University (SMU) and graduated in 2004. After winning a Radio DJ competition hosted by a local radio station, he began working as a DJ. He found success when he was spotted by a senior media executive while hosting a gig in SMU.

    In 2007, he began hosting TV shows and was awarded “Best Newcomer Award” at the Star Awards. In the subsequent years to come, Pornsak made his mark as a multilingual host, having hosted several variety shows including the ever popular Food Source, The Joy Truck and Sizzling Woks. His works have won him the “Best Variety Show Host” in 2015 and Reader’s Digest “Most Trusted Entertainer” in 2015 and 2016.

    Pornsak has also made a foray into the food and beverage industry with the opening of his Thai Food Restaurant, Porn’s, and founded Fun.Learn.Share Chinese Lab, an early childhood school that provides Chinese lessons.

    Pornsak is currently based in Singapore.

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