Food Wars Asia
Food Wars Asia
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    Food Wars Asia returns with a brand new line-up of food establishments; this time from across the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore! Follow Food Hero 2015 winner, Debbie Wong as she puts restaurant rivalries against each other in a culinary showdown. From iconic local Filipino dishes such as Kare Kare, to authentic Nasi Padang from Indonesia, discover which restaurants serve the “Best of the Best” in South East Asia!

    Debbie Wong

    Hosted By: Debbie Wong

    Debbie Wong was selected as one of the two Food Hero winners in 2015, and now hosts Food Network original series, Food Wars Asia Season 2, which premiered in January 2016. Debbie also hosts Food Network’s original webseries Debbie’s Desserts and Kitchen Quickies, where the latter is a show fitted for those who are always on the go.

    Debbie Wong is best known for her work as a producer and host of Wok and Gong, a web series she has been running since 2012. On the show, not only does she perform cooking demonstrations, she also explores new eateries and interviews special guests and chefs!

    According to Debbie, she has had an intense passion for food her whole life and felt it long before she could even articulate it. Debbie is truly a global citizen - she was born in Hong Kong, grew up in Canada and spent the last ten years shuffling between Montreal, New York City and Hong Kong. Spending time in these different countries has broadened and inspired her culinary scope.

    With a big impact and minimal effort style of cooking, Debbie loves modern comfort food that is simple, straightforward and globally inspired. This talented host is not only passionate about food; she is also professionally trained in acting!

    With a spunky, effervescent personality complemented by her humor and charm, Debbie is definitely one to watch!

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