Home Cooked Asia: Vietnam
Home Cooked Asia: Vietnam
  • Synopsis

    Catch Home Cooked: Vietnam with sisters, Helen and Summer Le, who are determined to demystify the process of creating great tasting authentic Vietnamese dishes. Perfectly pairing precise techniques with simplistic execution in style, these sisters make Vietnamese cuisine accessible to anyone and everyone. Viewers can also look forward to joining Chef Jack Lee in kitchen, who takes flavors from his travels around Vietnam and fuses them together into nutritious and mouth-watering recipes. With Chef Jack, Vietnamese food is always simple yet incredibly tasteful.

    Helen Le

    Hosted By: Helen Le

    Helen Le is a food blogger, YouTuber and cookbook author based in Danang, Vietnam. Committed to sharing Vietnamese cuisine with the world, Helen actively posts weekly videos on YouTube and has done so for four years now. Apart from showcasing traditional Vietnamese culture and history, her instructional videos also allow viewers to learn how to cook Vietnamese food in the simplest, fastest yet most authentic way.

    Together with her sister, Summer, Helen contributes recipes and travel tips to danangcuisine.com, a blog initially started to showcase the best of Danang cuisine, culture and traditions. In addition to blogging, Helen also invites readers to join her on regular food tours along Danang.

    In 2012, Helen was interviewed by Hong Kong’s Weekend Weekly newspaper about Danang’s culinary arts and tourism scene. She was also referenced in the New York Times as a specialist in Danang’s food scene. In 2013, Helen joined a cooking contest called Seoul Fusion Hansik held in Korea, and was among the top five best chefs!

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