Korean Food Made Simple
Korean Food Made Simple
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    Judy Joo shows us simple yet spectacular Korean inspired dishes from her very own home kitchen, proving it can be fun and easy to cook Korean food at home! Inspired by regular trips back to Korea, she shares her passion for traditional and modern dishes; serving tasty, quick and unique recipes. With a few easily sourced ingredients, Judy will whip up dishes like Gochujang Glazed Slamon, Doenjang Glzed Eggplants and Korean Coffee Brownies.

    Judy Joo

    Hosted By: Judy Joo

    French trained Korean-American Londoner, Judy Joo’s culinary expertise spans the globe. As Chef Patron of Jinjuu Restaurant (London and Hong Kong), she draws from her unique personal and professional experiences, melding tastes from Asia, America and Europe in her recipes. Ushering the robust flavors of her native Korean cuisine into home kitchens, Judy serves as host of Cooking Channel’s Korean Food Made Simple, premiering season two in May 2016. Aiming to make Korean food even more accessible to the home cook, she will simultaneously launch her first cookbook, also titled Korean Food Made Simple (Houghton Mifflin, May 3, 2016).

    From The Trading Floor to Trading Recipes

    Judy’s love for food began at home, where she often watched her mother cook authentic dishes from her native Korea. Viewing cooking as a necessity, not a career, Judy attended Columbia University and earned a Bachelor of Science in Engineering. She eventually landed a position on Morgan Stanley’s fixed income trading floor, but after years of exploring New York’s diverse gastronomic scene while apathetically trading bonds, Judy decided that it was time to pursue her passion for the culinary arts. She enrolled at the French Culinary Institute where her enthusiasm and dedication to her new trade was evident, and she graduated valedictorian.

    Building a Culinary Career

    After graduation, Judy embarked on her culinary journey with a position in Saveur magazine’s test kitchen, developing recipes, researching food traditions and writing. After a move to London in 2007, she worked through a number of the restaurants in the Gordon Ramsay Group. After two years working in Gordon Ramsay’s restaurant empire, Judy embarked on the opportunity to become one of the four Iron Chefs in the UK.

    The success of her first season spurred her TV career and she was offered a role as a resident judge on The Next Iron Chef and Iron Chef America. Making a name for herself as the only female Iron Chef UK, Judy is now a regular face on the Food Network and Cooking Channel and has made appearances on The Best Thing I Ever Ate, The Best Thing I Ever Made, Kitchen Inferno, Guy’s Grocery Games, The Kitchen and more.

    From Chef to Restaurateur

    Encompassing both traditional and contemporary fare inspired by her Korean-American heritage, Judy opened her first London restaurant, Jinjuu (Korean for “Pearl”) in 2015 with a menu featuring crispy Korean fried chicken, mandu dumplings, and soju-based cocktails. This December 2015 she opened a second location in Hong Kong, continuing the K-craze with a fun, upscale and eclectic dining experience.

    Korean Food for the Masses

    A regular on Food Network UK, Judy’s Cooking Channel show celebrates the Korean food wave sweeping the globe. In season two, she will take viewers on a journey to her homeland where she not only introduces them to the seasonal foods at the heart of Korean culture, but also shows them how to really enjoy it. Back home in her London kitchen, Judy creates simple yet exceptional Korean-inspired recipes – from weekday suppers to weekend dinner parties – using easily-sourced ingredients designed to give any home cooked meals the uber-cool K-factor.

    Outside the kitchen, Judy is passionate about food education and founded “Harvest Time in Harlem,” Slow Food USA’s first inner city school project. She leads an active, healthy lifestyle and enjoys traveling, Pilates, skiing, sailing and tennis.

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