My Penang
My Penang
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    Food and travel writer Isobel Yeung embarks on a tantalizing adventure around Penang. From the exuberant local arts scene to the mouthwatering line-up of street food, join this intrepid traveller as she uncovers the hidden gems of this one-of-a-kind destination.

    Isobel Yeung

    Hosted By: Isobel Yeung

    Isobel Yeung is a writer and TV presenter who is deeply passionate about exploring Asia’s diverse cultures and cuisines. Join her as she delves into Penang’s rich culture and tucks into the city’s best food in My Penang, exclusively on the Asian Food Channel!

    Brought up in the United Kingdom (UK), Isobel was born to an English mother and a Hong Kong Chinese father. Growing up in a Chinese restaurant, Isobel developed a passion for food at an early age. After finishing high school, Isobel took a year off to travel the world, funding her travels by working as a model and writer. She eventually went back to the UK to study at the University of Nottingham, where she spent time at both the UK and China campuses. It was during this time that she started picking up Mandarin. After three years of study, Isobel graduated with a first class degree.

    In 2010, Isobel moved to Shanghai and snatched up the opportunity to host Getaway, a primetime travel program. She went on to host more high profile shows like Travelogue, which saw her travel around China, as well as other countries such as Italy and Australia.

    After years of working in China, Isobel is very interested in China’s socioeconomic issues, including the eating habits of contemporary China. With this interest, Isobel is currently exploring many topics in China’s food culture, including vegetarianism, alcohol consumption and the country’s growing love for fast food. Besides hosting, Isobel occasionally writes for various notable publications, including The Guardian and The Telegraph.

    Isobel currently resides in Hong Kong.

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