One Night with the King of Grill - Robert Rainford
One Night with the King of Grill - Robert Rainford
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    The celebrated King of Grill, Chef Robert Rainford packs his barbeque tools and chef's jacket to embark on an ambitious first-ever tour into the culinary heart of South East Asia. Join Chef Rainford on an inspirational 10-day tour that takes him to the Philippines, Malaysia and Singapore. With tickets sold out in days to more than a dozen events ranging from shopping mall demos to elegant VIP dinners, expectations are enormous.

    Armed with his unique recipes and ample charm, Chef Rainford is set to impress, entertain and thrill his loyal Asian fans with delicious offerings, such as Apple Smoked Pork Belly and Cedar Smoked Fillets of Salmon.

    But it's not long before soaring temperatures, poorly stocked kitchens and cultural misunderstandings threaten to turn his mouth-watering creations into charcoal cinders. This tour has the power to make or break Robert Rainford's reputation across Asia.

    Will he succeed? Find out here ONLY on the Asian Food Channel.

    Robert Rainford

    Hosted By: Robert Rainford

    Rob Rainford loves to barbeque. "Most Saturday’s you can find me in my backyard grilling or smoking something…on the barbeque that is", jokes Rob. "I was born in Jamaica and there’s a whole amazing barbeque tradition there. As for Canada, I guess after being buried under snow for 6 months we all just want to get outdoors and party". Rob came to Canada at the tender age of 3 (he’s now 36) the youngest of 5 children (he has a twin brother who is a couple of minutes older than him).

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