Real Girl's Kitchen
Real Girl's Kitchen
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    Actress, singer and songwriter Haylie Duff is most at home when in the kitchen! Haylie invites you into her own home kitchen and world, where she serves up delicious recipes, stories and adventures. A true Texas girl at heart, Haylie blends her southern roots with her busy life in Hollywood for the perfect combination of food, family, travel and friends!

    Haylie Duff

    Hosted By: Haylie Duff

    Haylie began her career as an actress and singer-songwriter. She gained worldwide attention for her role in Napoleon Dynamite and has since appeared in numerous films, television shows and theatre productions including the hit series, 7th Heaven and Broadway Musical, Hairspray.

    Haylie's real interest in cooking sparked after her dad gifted her his grandmother's cookbook full of family recipes. Tucked inside, Haylie discovered a handwritten note from a café owner dating back to 1934. The note included one of his top-secret recipes, inspiring Haylie to share her recipes in the same gracious sentiment. With that, Haylie decide to start her own food blog, Real Girl’s Kitchen, where she blogs about her life and share wonderful recipes. Her love for sharing cooking tips and recipes prompted her to compile all her favorite recipes into a cookbook, titled The Real Girl’s Kitchen. Shortly after she published her book, her very own cooking show came to life. It quickly become a fan favorite and since then, her blog and cookbook have become a destination for fans and foodies alike.

    Haylie currently resides in California, America with her three dogs and family.

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