Rebel without a Kitchen
Rebel without a Kitchen
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    Join rebel chef Matt Basile in his action-packed food adventures through the city of Toronto! From underground food markets to over-the-top private chef events, Matt is always ready to rock the house with his tasty and off-the-wall renditions of street food!

    Matt Basile

    Hosted By: Matt Basile

    Matt “Fidel Gastro” Basile is Toronto’s pop-up king! Catch this on-the-go chef as he introduces you to all the uber-cool nooks and crannies of the Toronto food scene in Rebel Without A Kitchen on the Asian Food Channel!

    Born in Toronto, Matt loved the company of his family, especially his Italian grandparents. It was his grandfather who always had his hands busy with making bread or preparing cured meat. Matt learnt everything he knew from his grandfather and as he grew up, he also worked some food-related jobs to support himself during university.

    After graduating, Matt worked at an ad agency and thought that his life was set, although he had an unsettling feeling that this job was not going to keep him feeling personally fulfilled for long. He quit his copy-writing job and set out on his own culinary adventure. The entrepreneurial flame was ignited in him, and it was at this point that his alter ego of “Fidel Gastro” was born.

    With loyal support from his former boss, Matt started cooking at culinary events and within the Toronto underground food scene. He started gaining a name for himself and built a repertoire for his signature Toronto Cuban-styled sandwiches, or ‘Extremo Sandwiches’ as they’re popularly known. They were a big hit!

    Toronto loved his cooking and Matt soon became known for his pop-up cooking and his food truck, named Priscilla, which roves around the city supplying hungry customers with delectable and robust sandwiches with equally delicious sides.

    At the moment, Lisa Marie, his flagship restaurant and Priscilla, his beloved food truck are his pride and joy!

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