Restaurant Redemption
Restaurant Redemption
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    Changing the face of Asian food in America one menu at a time, British-Chinese food entrepreneur Ching-He Huang travels across the country to help struggling restaurants update their dishes and revamp their lackluster businesses.

    Ching-He Huang

    Hosted By: Ching-He Huang

    Ching-He Huang is an award-winning British-Chinese cook, television personality and entrepreneur. As an ambassador of modern Chinese food, Ching makes Chinese cooking accessible and fun. Join her as she travels across America in her attempt to transform struggling Asian restaurants in Restaurant Redemption, only on Asian Food Channel!

    Born in Taiwan to Chinese parents, Ching was raised on freshly cooked home meals. Her major food influences stem from the traditional cooking styles of her grandparents, who lived in the countryside of southern Taiwan.

    At the age of five, Ching and her family immigrated to South Africa, where she was exposed to an entirely different diet and climate. When she was eleven, her family moved to London. From her early teens, with her parents being occupied in running their businesses, Ching often took up the role as family cook! Her mother taught her the basic philosophy behind Chinese cuisine, which emphasized the balance between yin and yang through 'hot' and 'cold' ingredients, but Ching was then left to improvise on her own.

    After graduating from university, Ching started her own food and beverage company. Her dynamic approach to modern Chinese food landed her the host role of her first television show, Ching’s Kitchen, which went on-air in 2005. In her more recent television show, Restaurant Redemption, Ching strives to change the face of Asian food in America one menu at a time. She travels across the country to help struggling restaurants update and revitalize their dishes and make over their run-of-the-mill establishments.

    Ching published her first cookbook, China Modern, in 2006. Since then, she has published four other best-selling cookbooks, including Chinese Fast Food in 2011 and Exploring China: A Culinary Adventure, which she co-wrote with American-born Chinese chef Ken Hom in 2012. The latter book won the Food Broadcast Award at the Guild of Food Writers Awards 2013.

    Ching currently resides in London, United Kingdom with her husband.

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