Reza Spice Prince of Vietnam
Reza Spice Prince of Vietnam
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    In this 8-part series, Reza ventures to the astonishingly exotic and utterly compelling Vietnam! He traces regional cuisine, ingredients and spices that inspire him to make his own Vietnamese-style dishes. The show begins with transporting viewers to the delightful town of Hoi An, where Reza experiences squid fishing in a round basket boat for the first time, and ends his trip at the incredibly stunning Ha Long Bay, where Reza draws inspiration from his surroundings and cooks up his rendition of a popular local delicacy, Prawns on Hot Stones. Be enthralled by his adventures at Hoi An, Ha Long city and everywhere in between.

    Reza Mahammad

    Hosted By: Reza Mahammad

    Born in England, Reza has developed a unique take on Indian cuisine. Drawing from his passion for music and penchant for the arts, he says, “a symphony of taste which feeds the senses is like beautiful music which nourishes the soul”.

    Reza enjoys experimenting with new flavors and techniques, seeking inspiration from all around the world and adding elements and ingredients that bring new dimensions to traditional Indian dishes.

    His career in the culinary arts began at the age of 16, when his father passed away and he took over the family business managing The Star of India. Currently, it is one of London’s most successful and prestigious restaurants, with Reza being both chief chef and proprietor. Cooking is a real passion for energetic and infectious Reza, who learnt to cook using his heart and instincts. He developed his culinary skills from picking up a few recipes from his mother and improvising on the restaurant’s existing menu, striving each time to make food appear as appetizing as possible.

    Reza currently resides in West London, and continues to create recipes that are inspiring, modern and uncomplicated.

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