Siba's Fast Feasts
Siba's Fast Feasts
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    Join Siba Mtongana as she prepares five fast and fabulous feasts in the span of one episode. Learn clever culinary cheats and shortcuts that can be used in any cuisine. In each episode, Siba shows us how to create a show stopping meal in just minutes. She covers family-friendly dishes, quick and casual recipes and impressive gourmet meals fit for glamourous gatherings! At the end of the day, Siba will make any dish easy and delicious.

    Siba Mtongana

    Hosted By: Siba Mtongana

    Sibahle Mtongana better known as Siba is a young and dynamic food enthusiast who has brought style and charisma to the world of cooking. Other than specializing in food writing and food styling, she hosts her new show Siba’s Table, which is available on Asian Food Channel.

    Siba owes her love of cooking to her mother, who taught her how to cook at a very young age. While her mother made breakfast and school lunches, Siba cooked the evening family meals. Many of the ingredients they used at home came from their own garden, which tended to various herbs and vegetables. Her mother’s dishes consisted of traditional South African cuisine – rice, samp, beans, meat, gravy and at least three different vegetables. The part-time beauty model, wife and mother is not only skilled in cooking, but is also involved with public speaking and emcees at various food events.

    Siba is a motivational speaker and uses her celebrity status to help inspire the youth by advocating education and hard work as the key to success. Her culinary career started in the early 2000’s as a Food Editor at a lifestyle magazine, Drum magazine. While studying Food and Consumer Science in Cape Town, she found her then-part time job as an English-Xhosa tutor at university unchallenging, and soon became “bored with lecturing”. Her knowledge of food and enthusiastic manner won her the role of food editor at Drum magazine, which she held for over four years.

    When the magazine decided to launch a food show, Siba’s charismatic charm and flare for food made her an obvious choice as the program’s new host. Cooking with Siba was an instant hit, featuring some of Mzansi’s best-known celebrities, whose favourite dishes were recreated and given a modern twist by Siba.

    In her latest show, Siba’s Table, Siba makes each episode a mini-chapter of her life. Her presenting style is infused with sass, using words like “va-va-voom”, “boom” and “eish”. Her husband, Brian, and son, Lonwabo make cameo appearances throughout the series. The dishes she creates in the show draws on influences from her childhood, her experience as a Food Editor, as well as vibrant local artisan producers and the local cutting edge restaurant scene. Delve into the world of Siba’s Cape Town life with Siba’s Table!

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