Street Eats
Street Eats
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    From Houston to Hong Kong, Street Eats is one of the tastiest ways to explore local cuisine! Nothing says as much about a region as the down-to-earth food served on the streets where local vendors dish out mouth-watering cuisine. For locals, street food is part of their everyday life, but for travelers it's also an authentic taste of tradition. Host, Nick Smith, samples the best local bites and picks his top five favorites in each location he visits.

    Nick Smith

    Hosted By: Nick Smith

    Nick Smith is a seasoned producer and host, and his journey into the media industry dates back to his service in the United States army while in Germany, where he helped to produce training and support videos. Upon completion of his service, he attended Santa Rosa Junior College and studied Speech and Forensics. His deep interest in debate eventually led him to becoming an actor and public speaker. Knowing that his passion lies elsewhere, Nick then moved on to obtain a bachelor degree in Political Science from University of California, Berkeley and a master degree in Communications Management from Emerson College.

    While studying for his master degree, Nick worked as a field producer for Fox News Channel where he does research and develop stories for broadcast. His work in the journalism field helped to path his way into the news and entertainment industry, where he worked as a reporter and news correspondent for several broadcast channels before he work as a host and news anchor.

    Currently, Nick Smith is based in Minneapolis, United States. When he is not busy chasing his passion, he writes and blogs on his personal website,

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