Tareq Taylor's Nordic Cookery
Tareq Taylor's Nordic Cookery
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    Chef Tareq Taylor shows you the magical world of Nordic cooking against the beautiful landscape of Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland. Accompanied by the fresh smell of snow and brisk icy winds, Chef Tareq will take you on a spectacular culinary tour of Scandinavia for a mouth-watering taste of Nordic cuisine. Join him as he goes on a search for fresh local ingredients and teaches you how to make your own Scandinavian feast!

    Tareq Taylor

    Hosted By: Tareq Taylor

    Swedish chef, Tareq Taylor has over 25 years of culinary experience behind him. Other than starring in Tareq Taylor’s Nordic Cookery on the Asian Food Channel, Tareq has also appeared on Swedish state television’s popular cooking show “Trädgårdsonsdag” (Garden Wednesdays), watched by over 500,000 people every week!

    Tareq has worked with a variety of world cuisines ranging from French, Italian, Japanese, and of course, Swedish. The common factor that runs true in Tareq’s cooking is his commitment to using organic and locally-grown food – this is very dear to Tareq’s heart. In fact, he makes it a point to travel around Sweden to give lectures and participate in events related to this topic. Thanks to the continuous time and effort that Tareq put in for this cause, Sweden has woken up to realise its potential of being a major resource for the food industry.

    Coming from a mixed heritage (his mother is half-English and half-Swedish, and his father is from Palestine). Tareq is a great example of the new multicultural and open Sweden that has formed in recent years. He has lived and travelled all over the world during his career as a chef and brings all his cultural and worldwide influences into how he works. Tareq has also authored three best-selling books in Sweden published by FormaBooks.

    When he isn’t filming his television programmes or writing best-selling cookbooks, Tareq runs the Slottsträdgårds Cafe (Castle Garden Café) in the Royal Park in Malmö, Sweden. Keeping in line with his local food passions, a large percentage of the ingredients are sourced in the huge garden behind the café. The café only boasts a seasonal menu, and other ingredients are sourced exclusively from local suppliers.

    Tareq’s interests extend beyond cooking. He is a surfing enthusiast, repairs and modifies vintage cars, and plays the drums in his spare time.

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