The Big Eat with John and Andy
The Big Eat with John and Andy
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    Join John and Andy in the kitchen as they discover new and exciting dishes from around the world, and push the boundaries of cooking while putting new twists to old favorites. Together, they whip up a colorful range of dishes, from India to the Caribbean, and from British classics to French Patisserie, they’ve got it all covered on the Big Eat.

    Andy Bates

    Hosted By: Andy Bates

    Andy Bates is one of Britain’s most celebrated chefs and TV personalities.

    While working in the commercial production industry, Andy realized he wanted to open a stall where he could lead a more laidback lifestyle. He began cooking and bringing his creations to Brick Lane, a market in London every Saturday where he would sell his homemade goods to customers. His business grew rapidly, and with encouragement from friends and family, Andy opened a Friday stall at Whitecross Street, and shortly after opened several other branches across England where he focused on serving quality and refined British food to the mass. One of his signature dishes is the Chicken and Ham Hock Pie, which received several positive reviews and catapulted his business venture, Eat My Pies.

    Following his success in the food industry, Andy began to make appearances on air and have since hosted several shows, such as Andy Bates Street Feasts, Andy Bates American Street Feasts and Andy Bates Brazilian Street Feasts. He also regularly contributes as a writer to Food & Drinks . As a result, he is recognized as a street food expert by many and has since made appearances at various food festivals and events both within the U.K. and internationally. Most recently, Andy opened his first brick and mortar store in Miami, United States, where he is dedicated to bringing refined British classics to the rest of the world.

    John Whaite

    Hosted By: John Whaite

    John Waite is a professionally trained chef who won The Great British Bake Off in 2012 at the age of 23.

    Growing up on a dairy farm, John’s learnt about fresh produce and food from his parents who owned a fish and chips store. His first job was potato peeling at his family’s business when he was 10-years-old. This ignited his passion for food, inspiring him to make a living in the future from selling food like his parents. At school, he began selling bags of pick and mix to his friends in school secretly.

    When John grew up, things took a turn. Originally studying for a law degree at the University of Manchester, John decided to forgo his studies to be a professional chef and baker after emerging as the winner of the third season of The Great British Bake Off. He then moved on to study at the renowned French culinary school, Le Cordon Bleu.

    Today, John regularly appears on cooking shows and has since published three cookbooks, John Whaite Bakes, John Whaite Bakes At Home and Perfect Plates in 5 Ingredients. To connect with his fans, John also started his own website,, where he regularly updates and share recipes for special occasions. Most recently, he had also opened a cookery school, John Whaite’s Kitchen Cookery School, where he shares his knowledge on baking and cooking principles with his students.

    Currently, John is based in Lancashire, England.

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