Wonderful Indonesia Flavours
Wonderful Indonesia Flavours
  • Synopsis

    Join celebrity chef Rinrin Marinka and Tobie Puttock once again as they explore the diverse cultures and traditions of Indonesia while traveling to five brand new destinations. From Lombok island to Jakarta city, Rinrin and Tobie will uncover the country’s different regional cuisines, varied indigenous cultures and foreign influences. After each episode, Rinrin and Tobie will head back to the kitchen and whip up a selection of recipes based on their travel inspirations.

    Chef Marinka

    Hosted By: Chef Marinka

    Chef Marinka is a TV host, chef and restaurateur who is passionate about sharing Indonesian food, culture and art with the rest of the world. Chef Marinka was originally studying for a degree in visual communication, but upon realizing when her passion truly laid, she decided to put her education on hold and moved to Sydney, where she enrolled herself into the renowned Le Cordon Bleu to learn French cuisine and pastries in depth. After graduation, she returned to Indonesia, where she worked freelance as a cooking instructor. She was also invited to make special appearances in numerous commercials and cooking shows on local channels.

    Chef Marinka enjoys exploring new and innovative ways to bring East and West flavors together. In 2011, she released her first cookbook, Fantastic Cooking, where she featured 30 recipes inspired by international and Indonesian culinary influences.

    In her spare time, Chef Marinka enjoys travelling, doing extreme sports and boxing. She currently resides in Jakarta, Indonesia.

    Tobie Puttock

    Hosted By: Tobie Puttock

    Tobie Puttock began his career working in Melbourne’s Caffe e Cucina before travelling to picturesque Lake Como in Italy to work at the beautiful Hotel Florence. After many years of perfecting the Italian language and his culinary skills, Tobie found himself on English shores where he began working at the world famous River Café. It was here he worked with and became great friends with Jamie Oliver.

    In 2000, he returned to Australia to set up Termini in Melbourne, which won ‘Best Italian Restaurant 2002’ by the Young Australian Achiever Awards. The following year, he became Head Chef of the first Fifteen Restaurant in UK, a venture that teaches under-privileged young people how to become chefs and played an instrumental role in helping the restaurant achieve its status as ‘Tatler's Restaurant of the Year' in 2003. Returning to Australia in 2005, he opened up Australia’s first Fifteen Restaurant and Foundation in Melbourne in September 2006, where every year, 15 to 20 under-privileged youths are given the chance to become qualified chefs.

    Tobie’s honest but light-hearted approach and passion for topics such as organic produce, sustainability, seasonality, and ethical eating, has seen him in high demand as a guest on some of Australia’s favourite programs, such as Good Morning Australia and Ready Steady Cook.

    More recently, Tobie has taken a break from the demands of restaurant life, to focus on writing and filming new content.

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