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AYAM Amazing

Get ready for non-stop easy and delicious chicken recipes from across Asia!

Barbeque and Grill

Smoke and fire complement each other in this barbecue and grill! Juicy flavors bursting with every bite. 

Chinese New Year

Celebrate Chinese New Year with these festive goodies and symbolic foods!

Family feast with Ili

Cook up a feast for your family with these dishes by Illi!

Fast Indian cooking with Sapna

This easy and simple Indian fare is not only delicious but will leave you craving for more. Cook up some Indian dishes with Sapna. 

Filipino Recipes

These chicken dishes with a twist are sure to awaken your senses! Liven up your dishes with a touch of Filipino cuisine!

Fried Rice

Enjoy a taste of fried rice paradise with these satisfying recipes!


“GR848” follows Food Hero winner Sarah Benjamin as she travels to various countries in search of good food, with just an $8 budget per meal.

Hari Raya

Celebrate Hari Raya with these baked goodies and soak in the aroma of delicious festive foods!

Home Cooked: Thailand

Prepare some traditional Thai cuisine in the comforts of your home! 

Home Cooked: Vietnam

Enjoy some Vietnamese cuisine and immerse yourself in the warm fragrance of the ingredients.

Home Cooked: Asia

Savour some homecooked Asian delicacies with these recipes at your fingertips!

Home Cooked: Malaysia

Try some of these Malaysian delights in your own kitchen!

How To

Go back to basics with these essential skills showing you how to cook!

Kitchen Hacks

Check out these kitchen hacks!

Kitchen Quickies

Speed up the process with these quick kitchen tips by Sarah!

Late Night Guide Asia

You must-know guide to navigating Asia at night!

Little Miss Bento

Check out these cute bento boxes ideas!

Must Try Asia

Here are some delicacies that you simply shouldn't miss out on your trips to Asia.

Pasta Recipes

Try out different styles and varieties of pasta to your own liking!

Recipes Under 60 Minutes

These easy recipes can be completed in less than 60 minutes. Enjoy quick and simple delights with all!


Seafood treats for any occasion - reward your tastebuds with these fresh and flavorful dishes!


With earthy flavors and nutty fragrance, you are sure to say 'open sesame'!

Simply Special

Celebrate special moments with these delights for a unique meal!

Yummy Desserts!

Enjoy sweet treats and satisfy your sweet tooth with these recipes for amazing and yummy desserts!