Asian Style BBQ Chicken with Flat Rice Noodles

Dish up this easy herb-infused barbecued chicken by Ili Sulaiman for a hearty meal!


We really like our barbecue meats in Asia, and today I'm going to show you a herb infused barbecue chicken on a bed of noodles. So we're going to start with marinating our chicken. The first thing we need is a large white onion. In it goes into the blender along with two whole garlics, about a centimeter of ginger, a cup of Thai basil and half a cup of mint leaves and one lemongrass.


In goes two chili padi or bird's eye chilies, fish source about four tablespoons. It's going to really enhance the flavors of the herbs. A pinch of sugar and I have local coconut water, a couple of tablespoons and then we're ready to blend. That smells so great. So perfumed infused.

So here, I've taken the whole thigh and leg and I've de-boned it, so it's become large pieces of meat. So in goes the marinate, a little bit of thick, sweet soy source and what that adds it a really nice dark intense color. So I'm just going to use my hands and make sure that all the marinate gets in between all of the cavities of the chicken. So I'm going to let this marinate for about 30 minutes, but it's even better if you marinate it overnight.

 So while we're waiting for the chicken to marinate, I'm making a noodle salad. So here I just have some sliced up cucumber as well as one whole chili, which I've de-seeded and sliced up as well. Half a cup of bean sprouts, shallots, in they go and to that, I'm going to add in a couple of tablespoons of soy source and about a tablespoon of sesame oil.

Give it a quick toss around. I'm just going to bind everything together. 30 minutes later, and our chicken's marinated. So I'm just taking it out. Give it one last toss around in the lovely marinate. The pan is nice and hot, so now we can add the chicken, skin side down first. The chicken thighs have natural fats in it, so that's perfectly fine to just grill it straight on.

Look at that color, it looks so good. Take the tip of your knife, poke it in the chicken and press it, and if the juices run clear, the chicken is ready. So I'm happy with my chicken. So I'm just going to let that sit for a few minutes while I plate my noodles. So I'm going to slice up my chicken. You can see all the juices kind of running through, oh my God. I'm just going to place that right on top. It looks, it smells, and it probably is going to taste amazing.