HAINANESE CHICKEN RICE 海南鸡饭 | Home Cooked: Malaysia

Make this popular chicken dish (Nasi Ayam Stim) from scratch with easy tips and tricks from Food Hero Ili Sulaiman.

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Hainanese chicken rice is the most wholesome dish. Today, I'm going to show you how simple it is to make this.



Firstly, just water straight into the pot, a clove of garlic, and about a centimeter of ginger that goes inside. Let that boil for a few minutes before we add in the chicken. It's all about the flavor so we have to get it right. I'm using two cloves of garlic and about half a centimeter of ginger. The water is starting to boil now. We'll season it up with some salt and that helps bubble it up. Place the chicken straight into the pot. Tap up with a little bit more water to ensure that it's covered. The thing is we need the stock to make the rice. That's very important. I'm going to fry my garlic and my ginger, give that a quick stir. There's about two cups of rice here. Add a little bit of soy sauce.


Fry this up for a couple of minutes until the rice is glistening. Put it in my rice cooker. Don't forget the chicken broth. One, two, three, and a little bit for good luck. Give this quick stir, and we let it cook. Done.


Here I have some bok choy. I'm going to slice it at the bottom. Add this straight into the pot until the green is vibrant. Scoop it up.


What we're going to do next is we're going to make our chili and ginger dipping sauce. A clove of garlic, about two centimeters of ginger here, and three chilies straight into our blender. Add in a little bit of water and a couple of tablespoons of vinegar, a dash of salt, and some sugar as well.


What we're going to do next is the soy sauce that goes on to the chicken. Oyster sauce, light soy sauce, sesame oil. Add a little bit of that beautiful broth from the chicken. Give that a quick stir and obviously a taste.


Now it's time to plate up. Perfect. We've got our chicken, beautiful bok choy. Look at the color. We're going to drizzle our soy sauce straight on to the chicken and also on our vegetables. Of course, with a little bit of sauce and the chili ... I have no words.