Hanoi - Banh Com

Sarah Benjamin explores Hanoi, Vietnam to savour its famous Banh Com, which is made of young green rice. She goes to Nguyen Hao for a hand made version and heads over to An Tuyet restaurant for a version with a coconut twist.

Video Transcription

Hanoi is packed with tasty desserts, but a favorite amongst the locals is Banh Com, a traditional sweet treat with a pure, light nutty taste made from the young green rice, which it is named after. This Vietnamese delicacy is best eaten in autumn, when the rice is harvested.

Hanoi streets are lined with shops that sell Banh Com, but Nguyen Hao is one that makes and packs it to perfection. Handmade from scratch from the starchy green atole, to the sweet mung bean filling, each individual Banh Com is expertly packed by hand. Sold by the box, one won't be enough to satisfy your taste buds. It's smooth texture and sweet nutty flavor will hook you in.

At Anh Tuyet restaurant, things are done a little differently. The basic ingredients remain, but grated coconut is added to the mung bean paste to enhance its flavor and texture. Banh Com is cleverly presented in the form of a layer cake, spread evenly in the wooden box, which is used to assemble it. Topped with more grated coconut and candied lotus seeds, this is Banh Com like you've never seen it before. Banh Com is a must have for Hanoian engagement parties, and it's definitely a must try when you visit the city.