Hong Kong - Hing Kee Claypot Rice

In this clip, she visits the eatery Hing Kee Claypot Rice in Hong Kong, trying out their Fried Oyster Pancake and Claypot Rice with Preserved Meats.



It's past midnight here in Hong Kong, but it's doesn't matter that the streets are quiet because I'm here in Yau Ma Tei, outside Hing Kee Claypot Rice and I'm here to get myself an authentic steaming hot Hong Kong clay pot rice. This is GR84$8 and I'm on the search for awesome food around the world.



Sometimes you just want quality food without going to an expensive restaurant. That's why I'm on a mission to find great eats around Asia for under $8 US dollars. I'm Sarah Benjamin and this is GR84$8.


And here you go, this is Hing Kee's famous oyster pancake. You can see it's crispy. It's going to be chewy and it's full of juicy morsels of oysters. It's really fresh. The sweet oysters really go well with that savory crispy egg batter, and the addition of the spring onions, it gives it a nice savory kick. This just hits the spot. And here is the main event. This is the clay pot rice I've ordered with preserved meat. That just looks so good and it smells amazing. There's a big bottle of dark soy sauce at every table, and all you have to do is drizzle it. It smells so good, and you can see that the soy sauce that I put on earlier has leached into the rice. Now the last step is to take your spoon and just toss everything together. That sausage is really savory. It's really meaty.


See the number of varieties of clay pot rice Hing Kee's serves? You can get beef with egg, you can get chicken, you can get salted fish. There is literally a clay pot rice for everybody, and at $34 for a clay pot rice, this is about as cheap as it gets, and just look at the amount of food I'm getting. That was so warming and comforting of this chilly Hong Kong night, and it really hit the spot, but now it's time for me to get some rest so I can continue my eating adventure tomorrow.