Keema Lasagna

An Indian-Italian fusion lasagna by Sapna Anand!



I'm going to start with making the keema spice mix first. So I have two tablespoon od cumin, fennel seeds, some pepper. I can hear the seeds popping. Coriander seeds, cloves, about eight in there, the whole cardamom seeds, about four to five, and cinnamon. And when spices get toasted it releases its natural oil and all the fragrances come alive.



Next, I'm going to work on the filling. Four tablespoons of cooking oil, add in one bay leaf, add in chopped onions. To that I'm going to add about one tablespoon of ginger paste, and one tablespoon of garlic paste. Now I'm going to add in tumeric, about a quarter teaspoon. A heaped tablespoon of chili powder. Into that I'm going to now add my chopped tomatoes. All the tomatoes are going to cook down with the onions and create that nice tomato base. Now I'm going to add the chicken. I have a kilo of minced chicken breast. I still that well. Add in a heaped spoon the spice mix I made earlier, a little more salt. Give that a quick stir. Switch off the heat. I'm going to get ready to assemble it.


I'm going to pop this into the oven at about 180 degrees Celsius for 30 minutes, until the cheese melts and it's nice and golden brown. Some basil. Look at that. It's layers and layers of goodness.