Kuih Keria (Sweet Potato Donut) | Home Cooked: Malaysia

Love sweet potatoes? You'd enjoy this special sweet potato donut recipe by Ili Sulaiman.

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I am a huge fan of potatoes, especially sweet potatoes. Today I'm going to share with you a special recipe called kuih keria, which is a sweet potato donut.



We have two variations of sweet potato in Malaysia. We have the orange version, as well as the white version. I'm using a combination of the two today. I've peeled them and I've just steamed about four of these types of potatoes. Break them up with your hands. Just mash it up. To this, in goes about 100 of tapioca flour. Just mix that up, some flour. I'm just going to use about half a cup for now and you can leave some for dusting later. Just knead it into a nice ball. If it gets a little bit wet, just dust some more flour into your mixture. When it stops sticking to your hands, you know it's ready.


The next step is to roll it up into a ball, like a perfect one like this one. Flatten it a little bit, and then with the dusting of flour with your finger or your thumb rather and just make a hole in the middle until you create a donut-like shape. We're going to slowly put in our donuts straight into our hot oil. Just keep an eye on them. You want them to brown but not too caramelized too much. Don't forget, sweet potatoes have a lot of sugar in them. You don't want to burn them. It's starting to become golden brown. We'll start picking them up gently.


Once your donuts are fried, we move on to the glaze. Into the pan, four tablespoons of water, 100 grams of sugar. Just cook that down until the sugar starts bubbling. What we want is for the sugar to dissolve in the pan to the point of syrup but not to the point of caramel. Now we just need to dip in our donuts, so flip them around. Once they're all coated, just remove them straight on to your plate. The glaze is so important in our kuih keria because it creates this beautiful sugary crust. There you have it, my sweet potato donut, kuih keria, which I can't wait to dig in.