Lemony Meatballs with Quinoa | Kitchen Quickies

Make your own meatballs from scratch! Try this Greek-inspired version by Debbie Wong that combines ground beef and lamb.


Meatballs are my favorite way to cook meat because you can get so creative with it, you can make them Asian, you can make them western. Today, I'm making a Greek inspired meatball dish with quinoa. Let's get started.

I'm doing a combination of ground beef and ground lamb for this dish. It's a great combination. I have a chopped onion, garlic. I have a mix of parsley and dill, dried oregano, very, very Greek. A good pinch of salt, cracked black pepper, breadcrumbs helps bind all that meat together and one egg. Now, just mix it up. Get your hands in there. It's the fastest way to do it and the most fun.

I've got a pan heating with some oil on medium heat. Now, in the meantime, let's roll some meatballs. I would be gentle, because this is quite a soft mixture, and I like to keep it that way because I want the meatballs to be nice and tender. This oil is nicely heated.

Remember, when you put in the meatballs, resist the urge to move them around the pan. Leave them there and let them brown for a good two minutes before you start to flip them. Now, I want to show you the trick to flipping them. I use two spoons, wow, look at that. Remember they're not cooked through at this point. We just want them to brown, so we're going to finish cooking them in the sauce.

In the same pan, add a bit of chopped garlic, chicken stock, and lemon juice. Turn up the heat and let it bubble away. Once the sauce comes to a boil, throw the meatballs back in. Turn it down to a simmer and cover the pan. The meatballs have steamed in the broth for a good 15 minutes, they're done. In the meantime, let's dish up our quinoa.

I love quinoa in this dish because it's actually a protein. Quinoa is super easy to prepare, boil in water and it's done. Add a touch of olive oil and now top it with the meatballs. A little bit of extra dill and parsley, finally, feta cheese. This provides the perfect creamy salty bite. The final step, I got to have some extra lemony broth. Taste time.