Local Herb Rice Salad | Home Cooked: Malaysia

Dish up this simple and healthy local herb rice salad (nasi ulam) in less than 30 minutes!

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Using local herbs today, I am going to show you a simple rice salad that's super healthy and very delicious.


What I have here is Thai basil. I've got spring onions, tumeric leaves, and I have lemon grass. I've got about half a cup of basil, half a cup of tumeric leaves, and about half a cup of spring onions. We need to take the softer bits, which is in the middle of the lemon grass, two tablespoons of coconut oil. I've got here the famous shrimp paste. I've toasted it a little bit, and I'm just going to add in maybe about half a teaspoon. In that also goes some café lime leaves, and we blitz.

Perfect. So the next step for me to do is to cut up my vegetables. Just a cucumber. I've got some long beans here, an onion. This is [inaudible 00:00:59], or it's called ginger flower. How simple is this?

This is brown rice, and here we have some steamed prawns and Spanish mackerel. I'm just going to roughly chop everything up. We're going to toast our coconut. I'm just going to put in about half a cup of toasted coconut. Here, I have some grated coconut, so what I'm going to do is I'm going to toast it in my pan. I'm also going to toast some café lime leaves. So here I have my dried prawns and my café lime leaves. Just give that a quick stir.

The last ingredient that we need to chop up is our ginger flower. Sprinkle that all over. Give that a quick stir. In this goes. This is going to be so delicious. I'm just going to season it with some sea salt. Once it's like, "Hey, buddy. Hey, buddy. I'm friends with you. The rice is friends with the beans. The rice is friends with the cucumber, and the baby, and the dressing." It's good to go.

One red chile, and sprinkle it on top. And now we have it, my local herb rice salad. I feel healthier eating.