Mee Curry | Home Cooked: Malaysia | Asian Food Channel

This dish of rich spicy gravy paired with springy rice noodles will leave you wanting more! Ili Sulaiman shows you how to prepare this delight.



Malaysians would find any excuse to get together, especially if there's good food involved. Today I'm going to share with you my version of mee curry, which is perfect for any gathering. The best thing about this recipe is you need to spend some time on the broth. Everything else is optional. Meaning, you got to think about your guest list and think about what they like.



About four tablespoons of vegetable oil, a cinnamon stick, some fennel, cumin, star anise. Once the spices start popping, here I have about six shallots and about four garlic cloves. Let that simmer away. Once this starts smelling really fragrant, you can add in your curry powder. Add in a little bit of water because I don't want the curry powder to burn, half a chicken, and that goes straight into our curry paste. Season it with some salt. Add in about a liter of water. Give that a quick stir.


How do you know when your curry broth is done is when the chicken is cooked through, but it's not completely broken up into pieces. Then, add in one whole packet of coconut milk. Season it with another pinch of salt and some sugar. The next thing to do is to put our floating tofu.


Now I'm going to show you how to assemble the perfect bowl of curry mee. There's two types of noodles. I'm going to use a little bit of the yellow noodles, as well as the vermicelli noodles, some of my fish cakes, a couple of prawns, my bean sprouts, and now it's time to plate up. This is going to be so good. Fried shallots here as well, so that goes on top, some that spring Onion and my sambal. It really doesn't get any better than this.