Ondeh-Ondeh No-Bake Cheesecake

Inspired by her trip to Malacca, Malaysia, Sarah Benjamin creates heavenly, aromatic dessert Ondeh-Ondeh No-Bake Cheesecake.



On a trip to Malacca in Malaysia. I had the most heavenly ondeh-ondeh ever. They were light, they were pillowy, they were aromatic with pandan. So I want to replicate that in my ondeh-ondeh no-bake cheesecake.



I've got these fresh pandan leaves and I'm going to snip them into a blender, or you can use a food processor as well. And to get that lovely pandan juice out, I'm going to blend it with some fresh milk.


I've got some finely crushed digestive biscuits. Mix that with some melted butter. Once that's all combined, transfer it, and then I'll just press it down so it forms an even crunchy layer for the base of the cheesecake.


You cannot have a cheesecake without cream cheese. Half of my icing sugar goes in. I like to distribute my icing sugar evenly between the cream cheese and the whipping cream, just so that sweetness is really nice and even throughout the cheesecake. In another bowl, I'm going to whip up the whipping cream. Now the remaining icing sugar goes in.


I've just got to add this amazing green pandan juice that we made earlier. Squeeze all of that pandan flavor out of this. Add the zest of one line. One last mix with a mixer. Finally, I'll add the whipped cream until it's all evenly combined.


Tip it out, even it out a little bit. Loosely cover it with clingfilm, and this cheesecake has to set in the fridge for around four hours and then it's going to be perfect and ready to serve.


When you have something as delicate as cheesecake chilling in the fridge, it's really important for it to retain its natural moisture and not dry out. So if you have a fridge that can maintain a constant humidity level of up to 70%, your food will stay fresh and moist.


The cheesecake is all firmed up. Put some final garnish. This is not optional. You have to have some gula melaka syrup, and a final topping of some fresh grated coconut.