Prawn Biryani

A traditional Indian rice dish by Sapna Anand!


I'm going to get started with the spice paste, onions, ginger, garlic and my soft red chile.


Two to four tablespoons of cooking oil. Add in my spice paste. Add in quarter teaspoon of tumeric powder, it's going to give me that color. I'm going to cook this on medium high heat.

I have two tomatoes here. I'm going to get that ready. That goes into the spice paste later. Tomatoes are going to give it a nice sweetness to the curry paste and give it a little bit of color.

The onion paste has come to the right consistency right now. Toss in the tomatoes. Give that a quick stir. At this point I'm going to season it with salt. Continue to cook this on medium high heat without the lid on.

I have about 250 grams of large sea prawns. Cook for about five minutes. I just want to make sure the spice paste is not sticking to the bottom of the pan. That's done. I'm going to set that aside.

I have about one cup of rice that has been soaking and that's drained. Start with my ghee. Open up the cardamom before I add in there. Cloves. A tiny bit of cinnamon. I'm going to give that a quick toss, that's it. At this point I'm going to add the rice. Stir that nicely so the rice grains coat in ghee and spices. Add in some water.

I have my prawn paste, I have my rice. I'm just going to mix both of it together.

Look at that. That looks delicious.