Pumpkin and Potato Patties | Home Cooked: Malaysia

Crispy in the outside and soft in the inside, these pumpkin and potato patties (Begedil Labu in Malay) come complete with soy and chilli dipping sauce. They are great as snack or side dish.



What we're going to make today is something really special and very simple to make. It's pumpkin and potato patties served with soy and chili dipping sauce.



Here I have a bunch of spices, so I'm taking maybe about a teaspoon of fennel, a teaspoon of thyme, toast it lightly in a hot pan just to bring out the flavors. Put it in a bowl for it to cool. What I have here is about 500 grams of par-steamed pumpkin and about two large steamed potatoes and I'm just going to roughly chop them up and then mash them in this bowl. The reason why I had parboiled them and don't boil them into mush is because we're going to slightly fry them in a pan and mash it.


Now we have is obviously garlic, nice and fine because you don't want any pieces of garlic in your mouth. Spring onion, chop it up roughly and we've got the dried spices as well that we've heated up and toasted earlier on, cumin powder and paprika, salt, fresh cracked black pepper as well. The binding ingredient I'm using is breadcrumbs. Mix this ingredient together, make golf ball size and use two eggs, some water into the egg so it's easier to mix up. We've got just normal cooking oil, dunk these babies in our egg wash and just place them in. It's crispy on the outside and nice and soft on the inside.


Next we're going to make the sweet chili dipping sauce. Crush the garlic and chop it up as finely as humanly possible. Two red small chilis. I like it [inaudible] as Malaysians call it. Give that a quick stir, sweet soy sauce here. Add a little bit of water, a pinch of salt. Once it starts bubbling, we'll turn it off and your sauce is done. Simple.


What to do next obviously, is to taste this amazing pumpkin and potato balls. Look at that. The sweetness of the pumpkin is perfect, you can taste the hugs and that chile from the sauce just goes up your spine.