Sambal Tumis Udang (Sauteed Chilli Prawn) | Home Cooked: Malaysia | Asian Food Channel

Love seafood and spicy food? Enjoy the fiery flavors of this incredibly easy dish by Ili Sulaiman.

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Sambal Tumis Udang is the first dish my mom learned how to make when she married my dad. So today I'm going to share this very special recipe with you. We start by mixing up some water into my tamarind pulp. The reason why I'm adding some water is to loosen up that tamarind paste to make the juice. This is a very important component in Sambal Tumis Udang. Four to six tablespoons of just normal vegetable oil, add in about six tablespoons of blended shallot paste. And to that I'm going to add a tablespoon of garlic. So once the onion and the garlic becomes translucent, the next thing you need to include is your chili paste. So I'm going to put in about eight tablespoons, mix it up, incorporate all of those different ingredients. A pinch of salt, and some sugar. The sugar helps caramelize the sweetness of the onions.



Once you start seeing the color of the oil change, it's time for you to add the juice from the tamarind. I want all of that water to kind of evaporate. So I'm going to let that simmer and do its thing. Here I have beautiful tiger prawns, which you can pretty much find anywhere in Malaysia. Add about a teaspoon of tumeric powder, some salt. So with your hands, just mix it all up. In another frying pan, add in some oil. We're going to fry our tiger prawns. Doesn't take very long, so a couple minutes on each side. Once they turn this beautiful orange color, they're pretty much ready. Prawns are ready. My sambal also looks like it's ready. So I'm going to turn this off, add my prawns into my sambal, fold this all in together. And there you have it. My Mom's recipe of Sambal Tumis Udang